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Here are a few books & recordings that you may be interested in. 
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My Picks   BOOKS Clarinet Acoustics
Sheet Music Orchestration Composition & Theory Music History
Music Reference On the Lighter Side! Misc. Music topics
RECORDINGS Clarinet-centric Other Kids Books

Studying Music History: Learning, Reasoning, and Writing About Music History and Literature (2nd Edition) by David Poultney
Art of Clarinet Playing by Keith Stein
Brahms : Clarinet Quintet (Cambridge Music Handbooks) by Colin Lawson
The Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet Cambridge Companions to Music, by Colin Lawson and others!
Clarinet and Clarinet Playing by David Pino
Clarinet of the Twenty-First Century, Book & Cassette, by Michael E. Richards
Complete Clarinet Player by Paul Harvey
Complete Clarinet Player, book 2 by Paul Harvey
Complete Clarinet Player, book 3 by Paul Harvey
Complete Clarinet Player, book 4 by Paul Harvey
Contemporary Clarinet Repertoire for Clarinet and Electronics by F. Gerard Errante
The Early Clarinet: A Practical Guide Cambridge Handbooks to the Historical Performance of Music by Colin Lawson
Jazz Clarinet by Bill Smith
Mozart : Clarinet Concerto(Cambridge Music Handbooks) by Colin J. Lawson
New Directions for Clarinet (New Instrumentation, Vol 4) by Phillip Rehfeldt
Fantastic resource for contemporary clarinet techniques, includes W.O. Smith's card file of multiphonics.
The Orchestral Clarinet: A Study of Symphonic Repertoire, vol 1, by Kalman Bloch
The Orchestral Clarinet: A Study of Symphonic Repertoire, vol 2, by Kalman Bloch
The Orchestral Clarinet: A Study of Symphonic Repertoire, vol 3, by Kalman Bloch
Clarinet Acoustics by O. Lee Gibson
Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics by Arthur H. Benade
Very in depth but well written and understandable.
Horns, Strings, and Harmony by Arthur H. Benade
Not too technical but very interesting.
Sheet Music
Bach for Clarinet
Complete Chamber Music for Strings & Clarinet Quintet by Brahms
Dancing Solo for Solo Clarinet by Libby Larsen
Henry Lazarus' New Modern Method for Clarinet Book 1&2 by Phillip Rehfeldt
Composition & Theory
Counterpoint (4th Edition)by Kent Wheeler Kennan
Counterpoint by Walter Piston
Counterpoint in Composition by Felix Salzer, Carl Schachter
Counterpoint: The Polyphonic Vocal Style of the Sixteenth Century by Knud Jeppesen, Glen Haydon (Translator), Knud Jeppeson
Modal and Tonal Counterpoint: From Josquin to Stravinsky by Harold Owen
Study of Counterpoint by Johann Joseph Fux, Alfred Mann (Translator
Tonal Harmony, With an Introduction to Twentieth-Century Music by Stefan Kostka
Audio CDs for use with Tonal Harmony by Kostka-Payne, Stefan Kostka, Dorothy Payne
Student Workbook and CD for use with Tonal Harmony by Stefan Kostka, Dorothy Payne
< The Shaping Forces in Music: An Inquiry into the Nature of Harmony, Melody, Counterpoint, Form The Dover Series by Ernst Toch
Structural Hearing Tonal Coherence in Music (Two Volumes Bound As One) by Felix Salzer
Treatise on Harmony by Jean Philippe Rameau, Philip Gossett (Translator)
Music History
A History of Western Music (5th Ed.) by Donald Jay Grout, Claude V. Palisca (Contributor)
A History of Western Music (6th Ed.) by Donald J. Grout, Claude V. Palisca
  Recordings A History of Western Music(Vol 1) (6 Cassettes) by Donald J. Grout, Claude Palisca
  Recordings A History of Western Music (vol 2) (6 cassettes) by Donald J. Grout, Claude Palisca
Norton Anthology of Western Music : Ancient to Baroque by Claude V. Palisca (Editor) (3rd Ed.)
  Recordings Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music: Ancient to Baroque by Donald Jay Grout
Norton Anthology of Western Music : Classic to Modern by Claude V. Palisca (Editor) (3rd Ed.)
  Recordings Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music: Classical to Modern by Donald Jay Grout
1791: Mozart's Last Year by H.C. Robbins Landon
Baroque Woodwind Instruments; A Guide to Their History, Repertoire and Basic Technique by Paul Carroll
Companion to Medieval and Renaissance Music ed. Tess Knighton and David Fallows
Historical Performance of Music : An Introduction Cambridge Handbooks to the Historical Performance of Music, by Colin Lawson & Robin Stowell
Reed Design for Early Woodwinds by David Hogan Smith
Woodwind Instruments and Their History by Anthony Baines   A fascinating book covering the history and evolution of our orchestral instruments as well as folk winds.
Orchestration by Cecil Forsyth, William Bolcom (Designer)
Orchestration by Walter Piston
Principles of Orchestration by Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov
Study of Orchestration, Third Edition by Samuel Adler
The Technique of Orchestration by Kent Kennan, Donald Grantham (Contributor)
Treatise on Instrumentation by Hector Berlioz, Richard Strauss (Contributor)
Music Reference
Anthology for Musical Analysis 5th edition by Charles Burkhart
I've still got my 4th edition and it was required for 5 semesters of theory courses!
Essential Dictionary of Music Notation: The Most Practical and Concise Source for Music Notation (The Essential Dictionary Series) by Tom Gerou, Linda Lusk
Music Notation by Gardner Read
Music Notation in the Twentieth Century: A Practical Guidebook by Kurt Stone
The New Harvard Dictionary of Music by Don Michael Randel (Editor), Carmela M. Ciampa (Illustrator), Laszlo Meszoly (Illustrator)
Norton Manual of Music Notation by George Heussenstamm
The Oxford Dictionary of Music by Michael Kennedy, Joyce Bourne (Editor)
Preparing Traditional Music Manuscript: Including a Handbook of Instrumentation, Theory, and Musical Terms by Michael Mohn
On the Lighter Side!
Bach, Beethoven and the Boys: Music History As It Ought to Be Taught by David W. Barber, Dave Donald (Illustrator), Anthony Burgess (Preface)
Better Than It Sounds: A Dictionary of Humorous Musical Quotations by David W. Barber
The Book of Musical Anecdotes/Hundreds of Classic and Little-Known Stories About the World's Greatest Composers and Performers by Norman Lebrecht
The Definitive Biography of P. D. Q. Bach, 1807-1742? by Peter. Schickele
Lexicon of Musical Invective: Critical Assaults on Composers Since Beethoven's Time by Nicolas Slonimsky, Peter Schickele
A Musician's Dictionary by David W. Barber, Dave Donald (Illustrator)
Slonimsky's Book of Musical Anecdotes by by Nicolas Slonimsky, Robert Bonotto (Illustrator)
Tenors, Tantrums and Trills: An Opera Dictionary from Aida to Zzzz by David W. Barber, Dave Donald (Illustrator)
WHEN THE FAT LADY SINGS: Opera History As It Ought To Be Taught by David W. Barber, Anna Russell, Maureen Forrester (Preface), Dave Donald
Misc. Music Topics
The Amateur Wind Instrument Maker by Trevor Robinson, includes plans for a 2-key clarinet
The Art of Practicing : A Guide to Making Music from the Heart by Madeline Bruser, Yehudi Menuhin (Foreword)
Art of Saxophone Playing by Larry Teal
The Cambridge Companion to the Saxophone Cambridge Companions to Music, Ed Richard Ingham
HTML goodies by Joe Burns   Not musical but a great introduction to HTML.
The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green, W. Timothy Gallwey (Contributor)   A musical application of The Inner Game of Tennis.
Musical Instrument Design : Practical Information for Instrument Making by Bart Hopkin, contains the fundamentals of acoustics and some practical design considerations.
A Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique by Pedro De Alcantara
A Soprano on Her Head : Right-Side-Up Reflections on Life and Other Performances by Eloise Ristad
RECORDINGS   I've listed several interesting recordings
20th Century British Clarinet & Piano
20th Century Music for Unaccompanied Clarinet  Paul Meyer
Amber Waves- American Clarinet Music   Richard Stoltzman
American Clarinet Compositions: Reich, Sandroff, Carter, Adams, Performed by André Trouttet, Alain Damiens
American Masters- Martino with A Set for Clarinet and Strata
Benny Goodman Collectors Edition Composers Include: Stravinsky, Bartok, Copland, Bernstein, Gould
Beyond Noend with Errante F. Gerard Errante     I may be biased but I really like this one!
Bouffil, Mihalovich, Zonn, et al performed by the Chicago Clarinet Trio: Larry Combs, Julie DeRoche and John Bruce Yeh. Includes Concerto À Cinque by Alfred Prinz performed by the trio as well as Alfred and Maria Prinz.
Brahms: Sonatas for Clarinet & Piano Clarinet- Richard Stoltzman, Piano- Richard Goode
Clarinet Connection - The Great Concertos clarinetist Sabine Meyer includes Mozart K622, K361, Stamitz Concerto #10 and Weber Concerto #1
The Clarinet - Historical Recordings, Vol I Prominent clarinetists playing important pieces from the literature. Clarinetists include: Manuel Gomez, Charles Draper, Reginald Kell, Benny Goodman, Gaston Hamelin, and more.
The Clarinet - Historical Recordings, Vol II Some big names here playing some more staples of the literature. Clarinetists include: Frederick Thurston, Reginald Kell, Philip Dreisbach, Louis Cahuzac, Charles Draper and more.
Clarinet Passions Jazz Performed by David Hopkins
The Complete Prestige Recordings Performed by Eric Dolphy- Box Set-9cds
Copland, Nielsen: Clarinet Concerti, etc clarinetist Janet Hilton
Dialogues With My Shadow performed by John Bruce Yeh
includes Martino's A Set for Clarinet
Dragon's Tongue Robert Spring
Electric Clarinet performed by Burton Beerman & F. Gerard Errante
Five American Clarinet Quintets David Shifrin Composed by: Corigliano, Zwilich, Tower, Sheng, Adolphe
Gnarly Buttons Compositions of John Adams, Michael Collins is the clarinetist.
The CD also contains John's Book of Alleged Dances performed by the Kronos Quartet- my husband even likes this one!
Inner voices Richard Stoltzman with Judy Collins
Knitting on the Roof Klezmer
Martino: Notturno, Pianississimo Triple Concerto for Clarinet, Bass Clarinet and Contrabass Clarinet
Moonflowers, Baby! performed by Jonathan Cohler
includes Hindemith; Sonata, Honneger; Sonatina & Vaughan WIlliams; Six studies in English Folksong
Mozart: Flute Concertos, Clarinet Concerto with Robert Marcellus playing the Clarinet Concerto
Otiose Odalisque   4 Martinu Compositions Performed by Michele Zukovsky
Reich: New York Counterpoint, etc includes Bang on a Can, Evan Ziporyn is the clarinetist for New York Counterpoint
Shadows of Ancient Dreams F. Gerarde Errante
Stretch your ears! Contemporary clarinet utilizing extended techniques and electronics.
Spasm - Works for Bass Clarinet performed by Michael Lowenstern
If you think the Bass Clarinet is a lumbering instrument then you're in for a big surprise! Uses extended techniques and half the pieces incorporate electronics.
Tarantelle Robert Spring
Tausch: Double Clarinet Concertos; Süssmayr clarinetists Thea King and Nicholas Bucknall
Around Bartók   Rumanian Folk Dances & More
Beethoven: Symphonies 1-9 Berlin Staatskapelle Orchestra directed by Barenboim
Caravan Kronos Quartet
Kronos Quartet - 25 Years
Pieces of Africa   Kronos Quartet


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