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Anne Bell's Clarinet Website Index


20th Cent. Music Acoustics Assoc. not listed elsewhere
Classical Early Music Electronic & Computer Music
Folk & World Music Freeware & Shareware Instrument Collections
Instrument Making/Conservation Instrumental Sites (not Clarinet) Internet Radio
Jazz, Big Band, etc... Midi & other Music Formats MP3
Musicians' Health Musicology/Ethnomusicology National Music Centers
Theory Therapy Vocal
Sundry Other Sites    

20th Cent.& Contemporary Music see also: National Music Centers, Electronic & Computer Music and 20th Century and Contemporary Composers
21st Century Orchestral Instruments Carl Ruggles page
CCM  Center for Contemporary Music Groovy Composers on the Web
Harry Parch Instrument Gallery International Society for Contemporary Music
Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar archived Microfest 2001  alternate tunings
Modern Chronology world events & music New Music Connoisseur
Pauline Oliveros Foundation Silence: the John Cage discussion list
Sofia Gubaidulina’s Centre of Contemporary Music Thomas Moore’s New Music Links

2004 ICASSP Conf. on Acoustics etc... Acoustics Page
ICAMSL 2003 Acoustics & Music Arthur H. Benade
Audio Spectrum Analysis Clarinet Systems
CCRMA  Comp. Research in Music & Acoustics Exhaled air & wind instrument pitch
Handbook for Acoustic Ecology The Inhalation- sharpening effect pdf
IRCAM  Instit. Res & Coord. in Acoustics/Music Introduction to Clarinet Acoustics
Leonardo Fuks Material article
Music & Mechanics Article Musical Acoustics
Musical Acoustics Research Library Musical Acousticians & their specialties
OSU Clarinet Studio/Research Group Pure temperment
RIAM Reed Instrument Artificial Mouth RAIM in German
Russian works in Acoustics Violin Acoustics

Associations not listed elsewhere
AFM American Federation of Musicians BASBWE Brit.Assc. Sym.Bands & Wind Ens.
Canadian University Music Society Center for Black Music Research of Columbia
Chamber Music America Chamber Music Society  Lincoln Center
CTI Music IAWM Intl. Alliance for Women in Music
ICOM International Council of Museums MEIEA Music & Ent. indust. Ed. Assoc.
Music Library Association NACOA Nat. Arts Cent. Orchestra Assoc.

Classical Music - Includes Baroque, Classical & Romantic
Bach Bibliography Baroque Music
Beethoven Depot Catalogue of Classical Composers
Classic CD- Composers Classical Music on the Net
Classical Music on the Web  big- has reviews too ClassicalNet LOTS of links
Classical Radio Online Classical Search
Classic Web Georgetown Prep WWW Library Classical Music Dept.
MusicalOnline Classical Mus. Directory SonicNet Classical News

Early Music - see also Instrumental Sites
Acadia Early Music Archive Alamire Foundation
Daniel Leech-Wilkinson's WWW Page Diabolus in Musica Guide to Early Instruments
Early Music America Early Music FAQ
Early Music Network Early Music Women Composers
Florida West Coast Early Music The Galpin Society
Guide to Medieval & Renaissance Instruments Harmonia early music on Public Radio
The Internet Renaissance Band Mostly MIDI mostly early women composers
NEMA Natl. Early Music Assoc. Peter Schubert's Web page Early music theory
Renaissance & Baroque Society of Pittsburgh Roxane's Early Music Site
Society for 17th-Century Music  

Electronic & Computer Music see also Midi.. Freeware & Shareware,and Retail; software
Bregman electro-acoustic music Studio CNMAT  New Music & Audio Technologies
CEMI  Center for Experimental Music & Intermedia Don Muro
Electronic Music Foundation GMR electroacoustic research
Harmony Central- Computer Music Resourses ICMA International Computer Music Assoc.
Int. Computer Music Conf. 2000 IPEM Inst. Psychoacoustics & Electronic Music
Notation for the Process of Musical Comp. SEAMUS Soc. for electro-acoustic music in the US

Folk & World Music see also Musicology/Ethnomusicology & National Music Centers
Afro-Caribbean Musics Arabica Music
Celtic Music Classical Music of St. Petersburg, Russia
Dutch Homepage for Classical Music > Folk music UK, Scot, Ire, Wales, US
Iberian & Latin-American Music OnLine International Music Archives
Irish Classical Music Guide Italian music homepage
Klezmer Shack The Lute in Scotland
Maria-Brazil Music & Folklore Mbira Page
The Mudcat Cafe Blues/folk Richard Robinson's Tunebook
Tamburitzans UK Traditional Music and Dance
WoYaa! African music  

Freeware & Shareware see also: Theory
Barfly abc notation Busker abc Arranger
Brent Hugh fractal, math & music Classical MIDI Archives
Earmaster Ear training website
FlexiMusic Harmony Central Software list mostly free/share
Humdrum Toolkit List of ET and Aural skills software
Melodic Ear MIDI based Ear Training Site
Music Theory Skills Drills NightLight
Noteheads Igor PitchFork MAC
Serial Composer for Mac Serial Row finder DOS
Sharon's Tiny Hands Music Tutorials StringWalker Tab Manipulation
Tune!it for Windows- also Sound Moniter Unitus tutorials, documents, music & more

Instrument Collections
America's Shrine to Music Museum AMIS Directory of Musical Inst. Collections
Band Museum Bate Collection Oxford
Budapest Music History Museum Canadian Museum of Civilization
CIMCIM Int. Committee Conservation Online
Cutlery Collection Guitars EUCHMI  Edinburgh
Fiske Museum G.S. Dickenson Music Library
Harry Parch Instrument Gallery The Horniman Museum & Gardens
Instrumentarium LOC Music Division
Met Musical Instruments Museum of Music  France
Museum of Musical Instruments  Brussels Museum of Popular Instruments  Hellenic
MuseumNet UK Orpheon virtual museum
RNCM Instruments Collection  Royal N. College Saxophone
Stearns Collection of Musical Inst.  U. Mich. Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels
Museum Management Program US Nat'l Park Svc. Museum of Wind Instruments Couture-Boussey
ORPHEON Mus.of Historical Musical Instruments Smithsonian Institute- Music History
Victoria & Albert Museum  

Instrumental Making/ Conservation
AMIS American Musical Inst. Soc. Dan Bruner's Instrument Projects
Dennis Havlena's Instrument Plans Eric Reiswig using copper/brass tubing
Fshp. of Makers & Researchers of Hist. Inst. GEFAM Soc. of Friends of Old Musical Inst.
Guild of American Luthiers Instrument Builders Resources
Lute Construction Musicians and Instrument Makers Forum
Northumberbrian Smallpipes Southern CA Assoc.of Violin Makers
Violin Makers Association of Arizona Int. Violin Making
Woodwind Quarterly  

Instrumental Sites (not Clarinet) -click for clarinet
Euphonium Asylum Historic Brass Society
International Horn Society International Trombone Association
International Trumpet Guild Serpent Website
Trombone Home Page Trumpet Player Online
Trumpet Player's Int. Network list R. Jones Trumpet Page
TUBA Online WBMC Tubists
British Harpsichord Society Dresden Organ  in German
Encyclopedia of Organ Stops Göteborg Organ Art Center
Groven Piano Project  the un-tempered clavier Harpsichord information center
Harpsichord Initative History of the Clavichord
Lute-Harpsichord Music Magic: A Piano Exploration
Piano Page Pipe Organs  list
Drummers Web Historic Percussion
PAS Percussive Arts Society  
   Strings Click for Orchestral Strings
American Harp Society Catgut Acoustical Society
Cittern pages Composition of the Season guitar
The Classical Guitar Home Page The Electric Guitar
Guitar and Music Education and Information Harpcircle
The Harp Page Harpa
Historical Harp Society Internet Lute Music
Jerry Fuller's Double Bass & violone page Lute Arto Wikla's Music Page
The Lute Page Lute Society of America
Mandolin cafe The Saxon Lyre
Viola da Braccio Viola da Gamba Community Info Service
Viola da Gamba Society of America Viola Da Gamba Society UK
   Woodwinds other than Clarinet
American Recorder Society
Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion Bassoon Home Page
Brian's Double Reed Page Cabes- Music Links (Oboe)
Classic Saxophone On-Line! Crumhorn Home Page
Flute playing techniques Animated IDRS International Double Reed Society
International Recorder Page International Saxophone Home Page
Larry Krantz Flute Home Page Recorder France- in French and English
Recorder Home Page Recorder Home Page Australia
Recorder Home Page USA Recorder Home Page Germany
Recorder   from Han Hartog's homepage Recorder Player's Page
Sax Gourmet Retail but informational Society of Recorder Players
Táragató Page Vintage Saxophone Gallery
Woodwind Central Woodwind Fingering Guide
Woodwind Quintet Database The WW Quintet Resource Page
21st Century Orchestral Instruments Accordian Tablature
American Nyckelharpa Association Classical Free Reed Inc.
Contrabass Maniac Diabolus in Musica Guide to Early Instruments
EMI- Experimental Musical Instruments Harmonica
Hurdy Gurdy Launeddas
The Theremin Home Page  

Internet Radio
BBC-Radio 1 Pop/Rock/Rap BBC-Radio 2 Country/Folk/Reggae
BBC-Radio 3 Classical/Jazz/New/World BBC Music Live
Classical Radio Online Harmonia early music on Public Radio
Kalvos & Damian New Music Bazaar archived KMFA Classical Radio
The Sonar Map 20th century radio program WGDR Radio

Jazz, Big Band etc...
Barry Harris free scale reminder program Big Bands Database
CyberJaz Jazclass
Jazz Education Jazz Improv. Primer Jazz at Lincoln Center
Jazz & Music Links Jazz Radio
Jazz Sax Jazz Trek
Ken Burns Jazz film PBS What is Jazz 4 part lecture- Billy Taylor
Wisconson U. Jazz  

Midi & other Music formats
19th Cent. Amer. Sheet Music images abc musical notation language music and software/shareware
Amer. Sheet Music 1870-1885 Lib. of Cong. images David Blumberg's Offerings
Charles Kelly's MacinTalk Songs Classic FM Internet radio
Classical MIDI Archives Electronic corpus of Lute Music soon...
Ex. Of Experiments in Musical Intelligence Fiddle City
Folk music UK, Scot, Ire, Wales, US Free Sheet music from Johan Tufvesson
GMD Music Archive Robert Goodyear's MIDI page
Historic American Sheet Music images HP of Counterpoint and Fugue
Internet Renaissance Band JC's ABC music
Laura's Midi Heaven Lester Levy Sheetmusic Collection
Jean-Daniel Forget Lute Tap- fr. Midi Gallery
Midi World Mostly MIDI mostly early women composers Musica Viva
Net ABCs Oliver's Clarinet MusicClarinet Focus
Public Domain Music Tubb- American incl. Civil War David Rubenstein Composer
Scorch Music free & for sale Score Online
Sequenced MIDI Files  public domain Sherri's Classical Midi files
David Solomons' Music Site Sounds 2 you Clarinet-centric
Standard MIDI Files on the Net Tadpole Tunes MIDI
Taylor's Traditional Tunebook Virtual Listening & Practice MIDI for recorder some free  

The American Sinfonietta Clarinet Stars
Gary Dranch eClassical
Avrahm Galper Clarinet Focus John Gladwell Peter Stoll cl
Noizepunk Sean Osborn  Met Opera
Andrew Simon TopTempo

Musicians' Health
British Performing Arts Medicine Trust Canadian Network for health in the arts
German Assoc on Physiology of Music and Performing Arts Medicine Hearing is Priceless
International Arts-Medicine Assoc Medecine des Arts France
Musician's Health SHAPE Safety & Health in Arts Prod.& Entertainment

Musicology/Ethnomusicology see also: Folk & World Music
Acta Musicologica AMS Amer. Musicological Society
Carlo Fiore's Musicology Italian Current Musicology
DDM Doc. Dissert. in Musicology Online Ethnomusicology U. Wash.
Evidence of Harmony in Ancient Music Four Generations of Women in Musicology
Frankfurt Musicology Journal Italian Journal of Musicological Studies
Journal of the Royal Musical Association Min-Ad Israel Studies in Musicology Online
Nat Forces in the Orig of the Scale Neanderthal Flute
Polish Music Journal Research on Cognition in Ethnomusicology
Royal Music Association Society for American Music
Society for Ethnomusicology Soc. for Ethnomusicology- Mid Atlantic chapt.
Stages in the Evolution of Musical Scales and Harmony Swedish Society for Musicology
Tonality Favored article TmiWeb Online: Thesaurus musicarum italicarum

National Music Centers
AMC Australian Music Centre Austrian Music Information Center MICA
American Music Center AMIC Archive of Italian Contemporary Music
Belgian Doc. Centre for Contemporary Music CeBeDeM Brazil CDMC
British Music Information Centre Canadian Music Centre
Canadian Music Centre Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland
Croatian Music Information Centre Czech Music Information Centre
Estonian Music Information Centre Flanders Music Centre
French Centre of Contemporary Music German Music Information Centre
Lithuanian Music Information & Publishing Centre Luxembourg Music Information Centre
Music Centre Slovakia NMIC Norwegian Music Information Center
Scottish Music Information Centre SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music
Swedish Music Information Center Swiss Music Information Centre in english
TEOSTO The Finnish Music Info. Centre Portugal's National Cultural Center

All about Set Theory Analyses of Music by Women
Aural Comprehension Guide Bach Tempo
Big Ears Cadenza in Classical Concerto Movements
CAI in Ear Training Center for Hist. of Music Theory & Lit.
Constructing a Set Calculator Ronald Clemmons' MU 458
Developing the Musical Ear Dutch Journal of Music Theory
Ear Training List EarTest
Eunomios Online Theory Journal Gary Ewer's Easy Music Theory
Extremes of Conventional Music Notation Generation Music
IU Grad. Theory Assoc. James Ingram Stockhausen's copyist
Jay's Set theory calculator Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy
Klezmer Music Theory Mathematics and Music
The Method Behind the Music Montage, Realism & Vision
Music Notation Music Theory Midwest
Music 203 HP Music Theory & Lit. assignments also MTO Music Theory Dissertations online
Music Theory Online Music Theory Society of New York State
Musical Borrowing annot. bib. Pitch- Class Set theory & Perception Summary
Polytempo Music Pop Analysis E-mail list
Rocky Mountain Soc. For Music Theory Row Forms in Schoenberg, Berg & Webern
Schenker Guide SetFinder
SMT Society for Music Theory SMT Calender
SMT Commit. on Status of Women SMT Pop Music Interest Group
SMT- Professional Development Committee SMT Virtual Poster Session
Soloman's Chord chart Solomon's Music Theory & Comp. Resources
Stravinsky's Choral Music analysis STM Online Swedish Music Theory
Teoria Texas Society for Music Theory
L. Jay Tomlin The Tonal Center
Tonality Guide Online Tuning & Temperament short history
Twelve Tone Toy Box UT Analysis Index West Coast Conf. of Music Theory & Analysis

AMTA Amer. Music Therapy Association CAMT Canadian Assoc. for Music Therapy

Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music Barbershop Quartet SPEBSQA
ChoralNet The Countertenor’s website
Lycos Music: Lyrics Music Song Lyrics
Musica Int. Database of Choral Music Operabase
Singing Voice Tenorland
Texts of Lieder/Art Songs etc...  

Sundry Other Sites
Andy McFadden's CD-Recordable FAQ Auditory Perception
Band Humor Beta Blockers and Performance Anxiety in Musicians
Bridges math in art, music & science CAPA Center for Asian Pacific America
Connie's Music Page Danish Broadcasting
Deja News; Music Digital Domain
Electric Blues Club links- esp. UK Free Music Stuff for all Musicians
Harmony Central IIAS- Systems Research & Cybernetics
International FAME Festival Int. Symposium on Music Info Retrieval
A Joyful Noise Michael Löhr's Music Page
MMML Music, Musicians, Music Lovers Online Music Archives & Databases
Music for the Love of it Music Theater International
Musician/ Instrument Jokes MusicLink: Music on the Internet
Music Magazines and Journals (links) Music & Vision- Internet music magazine
Music Yellow Pages Online Net Instruments
NPR's Performance Today One list Music Mailing lists
Online Music Dictionary Paintings with Musical Themes
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Shriver Hall Concert Series Baltimore
Survey 2000 Nat'l Geographic Symposium on Systems Research in the Arts
Wolverine Antique Music Society (78's) Women of Note
Worldwide Internet Music Resources Writing about Music Essay Style Guide
You know you're a Music Geek when...  

Clarinet Composers Education Ensembles Music Retail Strings Other
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