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Connie's Violin Page Digital Violin Database
Elementary Violin Technique Info. Resources Violin/Violinists
PhotoStory: how to make a Violin Sheila's Corner
Suzuki Violin Central The Unaccompanied Violin not just violin
Violin- History, playing, making recommended! Violin Acoustics
Violin Land The Violin Society of America
Violin Center VioLink- World of Violins

American Viola Society Canadian Viola Society
Internet Viola Society The Viola  in spanish
The Viola Web Site Viola for Children

Activities & Exercises for Cello Internet Cello Society
World Cello Congress III The World of Cello & Cellists

String Bass
Double Bass Links page Double bass making
International Society of Bassists Internet Resources: Bass Pedagogy
Jerry Fuller's Double Bass & violone page String

General Resources see also: Music;Midi and other Music Formats
ASTA Amer. String Teachers Assoc. Bowed Electricity
John Krakenberger essays Orchestration for strings
U. South Carolina String Project The Strad
String Stuff UV String Pedagogy Notebook
Violin Making  

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