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March 2013: Time for an update!!!

A little about me and this project

    The ABC index started as a project for a graduate course in repertoire. Through the course of several years on the Klarinet list and a fair amount of personal research I had already amassed a huge, if unorganized, mass of repertoire. There are already excellent sources for repertoire lists of virtually every combination of instruments from the most standard clarinet solos to the most avant garde and unique combinations. The problem was then not what could be played but where could research be done to contribute to the clarinet community. In my travels through the Internet I've found some fabulous sites both directly clarinet related as well as those of general musical interest. Unfortunately, I didn't always find these sites when they might have been of the most use to me! There is an overwhelming amount of information to be found through the Internet. Commercial sites may offer advice as well as products, many academics submit their research to the public and there is no shortage of people that just want to share something they love with the world. My clarinet teacher, who also taught the course, encouraged and helped me get this into a more usuable format. Do check out his website: F. Gerard Errante.

   After a number of years doing other things in other fields I have returned wholeheartedly to something I love. When I look back to my years as an ungainly adolescent I can remember the solace and joy I found in music. I consider the years spent far from home and family but there was still music (and my clarinet). That has been the one constant in my life. To all those who have found that same joy, and to all those who would like to, I've tried to make at least the acquisition of information a little easier. Just don't forget to practice!!!

Anne M. (Jenkins) Bell

UPDATE- I'm currently teaching 5th grade strings and High School Orchestra in Virginia Beach VA. I'm enjoying it very much and it has led to some more expansions in the Index as well as in my musical interests.

More current UPDATE- The site will slowly be updated and expanded. After teaching for 7 years in Virginia Beach I then taught 4 years of Middle School Orchestra in Norfolk where I also achieved my National Board Certification in EAYA Music: Orchestra. I'm currently working on a DMA at Shenandoah University. I'm focusing on Differentiation in string music education. I expect to expand the section on music education and add resources for differentiating instruction. I still play clarinet!

MOST current UPDATE- My thesis is complete and I am in the Proposal/IRB stage of my dissertation. I'm going through each page to update links and add interesting information. I do plan to expand the string section to include resources for String teachers/Orchestra directors. More educational links are in the works- including links to organizations for those with special needs. As always- please send links you feel are worthwhile. I have had various computer and e-mail issues over the years which have resulted in some loss of information (so.... you may have already sent it to me but it is now gone!) I'm doing some guest conducting and adjudicating which is great fun. I would like to start an adult beginning orchestra group class and right now I'm also learning to blow glass- so- as always- too many irons in the fire!


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