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Composers have all moved and are marked Clarinet Focus if they have particular clarinet interest.

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The Clarinet Pages

Beginner help- lessons etc.
Mark Miller's Info. for Cl. Students Clarinet Pages Clarinet Help
Clarinet Pages Young people's Pages  

Clarinet Discussion
Bass Clarinet List New Clar Italian New
The Clarinet BBoard Clarinet Corner
Early Clarinet List Ethnic Clarinet
Klarinet list  

Clarinet Music & Midi See also Retail;Sheet Music & Music;Midi...
David Blumberg's Offerings Clarinet Pages: Clarinet Music
ICA Score Collection Oliver's (mostly) Clarinet Music Page

Clarinet Pages & Info see also Retail
A few Books I'd recommend Albert System Clarinet Pages
Assoc. Board of the Royal Schools of Music Clarinet Cache Blog New
The Clarinet Constant  very cute quotes & Pics The Clarinet Family
Clarinet Research Guide Clarinet Systems Acoustics
Contrabass discography Clarinet Transposition New
Contrabass Clarinet ET's Clarinet Studio
Graham Nashby's Online Resources New Introduction to Clarinet Acoustics
Jim Fay's Reed Cane OSU Clarinet Studio/Research Group
Sherman Friedland's Clarinet Corner Stadler's Clarinet Program Illus. & Reproduction- click on links
Transposing Clarinet Parts Tips for Clarinet TSMP
Wood, Oil, and Water  

Clarinet Societies & Studios
Atlanta Clarinet Association  of the ICA Deutsche Klarinetten-Gesellschaft
ICA International Clarinet Association Ill. State Clarinet Studio New
The Japan Clarinet Society Madison Assoc. of Clarinetists JMU
NACWPI Natl. Assc.of College Wind & Perc. Inst. QCASS Queensland Clarinet & Sax Society
Swiss Clarinet Society New U. Florida Clarinet Studio
U. Nebraska Lincoln Clarinet Studio World Clarinet Alliance WKA

Apple Hill Summer Festival Bowdoin Summer Music Festival
Claremont Clarinet Festival New ClarinetFest
Concerts from the Library of Congress Internat. Woodwind Festival MA
Kammermusik Woodwind workshop KlezKamp
Midsummer Musical Retreat Clarinet Pages Announcements
U.N.B. Music Camp  

Fingering Charts
5-key clarinet fingering chart   scan of original Woodwind Fingering Guide WONDERFUL

   Performers and/or Teachers
Pro Orchestra Clarinet Sections New David Adlam
Alex Allen József Balogh
Diane Barger Sidney Bechet
David Blumberg New Henri Bok
Sergio Bosi James Campbell
Alessandro Carbonare Peter Cigleris New
John Cipolla Jonathan Cohler
Christensen family clarinets Beth Custer
Eddie Daniels Buddy DeFranco
Eric Dolphy F. Gerard Errante
James Fay Stephen Fox New
Sherman Friedland Al Gallodoro
Avrahm Galper Michael Galván
Roger Garrett Michele Gingras
Benny Goodman PBS Shandra Helman New
Emma Johnson Jean Johnson
Thea King David Krakauer
Tom Labadorf Michael Lowenstern
Joe Lukasik Luigi Magistrelli
Jean-Christian Michel Mark Miller
David Niethamer J. Michael Norsworthy
Tale Ognenovski Fred Ormand
Sean Osborn Antony Pay
Gervase de Peyer David Shifrin
William O./ Bill Smith Rose Sperrazza
Alan Stanek Shannon Thompson
Eric Tishkoff Stephan Vermeersch
Michael Webster Charles West
Michael Westwood Kathy Williams-DeVries New
Ronald Woodley  

Bass Clarinet Bibliography Clarinet Composition Database Searchable- GREAT
Brandt's Woodwind Quintet List PDF  

Serial Numbers
Don Cipriano How Old is My?
Music Trader Woodwind Serial Numbers


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